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The way most businesses think about data and consumer relationships, especially when it comes to learning how to listen to the new Decision Makers is distinctively uncreative.

You can claim to launch new initiatives, create new job
titles, propose “skin in the game”, but most businesses are trying to run to a tada finish line.

We are trying to transform audience and brand relationships - forever.

Idea Trust is here to build empathy, surfaces questions and nurture great ideas that grow businesses, help brands leave a cultural mark and empower consumers to understand their own buying power.

Our 5 Pillars

What we do

A new thread of capitalism is here.

It values values and things like purpose, ambitious community building, collaboration, radical belonging, and kindness.

A Global Network

We have a local and growing global crew
of ear to ground insightful individuals.

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Truth, opportunity
and action.

Fresh Ideas + Perspectives

We get to know your consumers through a diverse set of methods - — from desk research, to developing target personas to more in depth insight custom options .

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As mathematician Cathy O’Neil points out, there is an assumption here that algorithmic decision making is objective, when in fact it actually encodes the biases of its developers into statistical models — what she calls weapons of math destruction, because of the impact algorithmic bias has on the lives of minoritized communities.

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